Limesurvey Customization


Running into problem with LimeSurvey installation and configuration? We understand the whole process can be complicated and the assistance of a professional with experience in LimeSurvey is crucial.

Installing Limesurvey on servers and configuring can be difficult and tedious to a layman. Under these circumstances, our technical experts are capable of solving all issues raised by the users. They can install Limesurvey in less than 48. Focus on your core business as we take care of the installation and configuration of Limesurvey. Just give us the complete server details and we can handle the task. Our technicians render efficient services at reasonable price. Contact us for any technical advice on Limesurvey setup.


Limesurvey offers options to create and customize new templates that best fits the user’s needs and interests. There are various ways to customise templates and altering the core code of Limesurvey is one among them. The structure of a template is complicated and thus a wide knowledge on HTML and CSS is required to understand and handle files with ease. Templates working on invalid HTML addresses are capable of breaking down servers and thus it is really essential to test and check every template on various browsers before putting them to use. Templates can also be personalised to operate on smart phones and tablets. The admin backend, export formats, printing of server pages and responses are some of the features rendered by Limesurvey that are open to customization.


Surveys can be integrated with your website so that users can complete the survey from your website. It enhances the trust of the participants as they can take the survey from your own website instead of third party survey websites. Security features can be included to ensure the database is secure.

Survey creation

The composite nature of Limesurvey makes it difficult for the users to find appropriate styles for their questions. Limesurvey offers various tools to improve the styling of the questions drafted, validate pages inserted or added on and set up timers. It also provides better filter options that help building attractive looking survey. Do not waste time any further creating, modifying or deleting manual survey form. Our team is waiting to help you in formulating the best survey for your business. Just email the questions and we will send you an estimate. Sit back and enjoy as we implement your survey at Limesurvey.

Limesurvey themes

Themes matching company’s identity can be integrated to the online surveys to facilitate better recognition of the firm amongst the masses. Our team comes with various options facilitating easy integration of customer survey into your corporate website. Running a survey from your domain comes with added advantage of customers identifying the brand immediately.


Various firms offer professional services for hosting in Limesurvey. They also ensure utmost confidentiality and security of the information shared. Users having websites and hosting facilities of their own can use the same hosting for installing Limesurvey. Otherwise, our team provide suggestions to purchase the best hosting for Limesurvey at the most reasonable prices.

Contact our team to install, configure, customize or create your survey.


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