LST Image Question Theme


Spice up your questionnaire with images

Images can say more than words. Image choice questions are close ended and make it attractive for the respondent. Limesurvey has a simple component to add glamour to your questionnaire. Now convert your checkbox or radio button into image choice to make the participant interaction simple and quick. Your images become a selection point. You can easily arrange 2, 3 or 4 rows, there is a clear guide available for installation.

Theme avaliable for the questions
1) List (radio)
2) Multiple choice


LS Clean

LS Clean as the name suggests is a plain theme sans background colors and borders. Check the demo before choosing a theme. It is recommended to choose the appropriate theme based on your business...


LS Lens

LS Lens is similar to LS Clean, it also comes with a simple yet attractive background. Make sure you pick the right theme to make your surveys stand out from the rest. It is advised to check our...


LS Gravity

The theme makes it easy to fill the questionnaire with its elegant looking template. Our themes are responsive and can be used on multiple devices. Our theme design matches your company’s visual...


LS Line

The theme comes with a neat slider, and the images can be changed. It comes with an attractive title background and the questions and answers are enclosed in a nice box. The radio buttons and...


LS Prism

Dress up your questionnaire with attractive check boxes and an attractive title background. The radio buttons and checkboxes gives your questionnaire a smooth flow making it is self-explanatory....


LS Stellar

LS Stellar theme is clean with simple background for questionnaires. Based on the needs of your business you can make a choice. Check out our demo page before choosing a theme. For best user...